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Matthew Seibert is an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Virginia and former co-founder of Landscape Metrics, a visualization studio that specialized in science communication. Beyond his present studies in the agency of nonliving materials, his work employs representation as interrogative and speculative tools within historical trajectories, crafting rich parafictions as both critique and potential future.

Matthew's research and teaching challenges dominant modes of knowledge production, employing alternative methodologies and immersive representational tools to cultivate a pluriversal understanding of being in the world. This practice and pedagogy in support of a world where many worlds and worldviews are not only welcome, but desired, is built by creatively interrogating conventional epistemologies through a praxis of decentering. Recently, much of this work decentering the body, the living, and linear time increasingly owes its world-building powers to the eidetic tools of dynamic visualization, particularly that of real-time engine software and its many products (fully navigable virtual environments, AR/VR, etc), where senses can be extended, time can be remapped, and empathy can be transposed toward the design of a new, richer, and more just pluriverse.

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